automatic visual inspection machine with single table for O-Ring and toroidal pieces in rubber






SqueezeX is a visual inspection machine for dimensional and surface control of O-Rings and toroidal pieces in rubber. It’s able to check the surface of the workpiece to identify closed-undetectable cuts and all other major failures like burrs, missing material, holes and halos, doble-moulding, roundness, concentricity, etc. The production process of rubber articles can create cuts localized mainly in the area of the mould parting line that are not visible with the classic no-contact vision systems. SqueezeX solves the problem, controlling these defects deforming the workpiece during the acquisition of images and the software processes in real time the severity of the defect.



The pieces are checked through a series of stations responsible for checking defects using digital industrial cameras. The images thus acquired are transferred, without loss or disturbance, to a PC managed by a Real-Time operating system which performs both image processing and interaction with the operator through a simple and intuitive window interface. The Real-Time system allows excellent system stability and extremely high control speeds.

After the capture of images and the following elaboration, the pieces are sorted in different areas of accumulation depending on their pass/fail criteria. Real time statistics and all production times are available together with the number and the type of defects and the state of filling of the accumulation zones. It's also possible to save the production reports with graphics and statistic data and integrate them on the management system for subsequent processing. The statistic software elaborates the data and calculates the values of production capability (CPK), furnishing a feed-back on the production parameters.


  • Digital regulation of bright intensity for inside and outside surfaces
  • Possibility to control piece with reflecting surface
  • Good precision of dimensional and surface controls
  • No decadence of bright intensity



Laser thrubeam sensor is able to measure with extreme accuracy the planarity of the piece scanning the pieces along all of their dimension. It's possible to measure the height only for pieces perfectly planar. The elevated precision of measuring is achieved using algorithms of elaboration of the signal that allow to eliminate any imperfection of the rotating table during its oscillation.



Independent measurement sensor for dimensional control of circular pieces, with the following characteristics:

  • Progressive scan high resolution B/W camera
  • Nearly zero distortion bi-telecentric lenses
  • Dedicated lighting system

Related control program features

  • Measurement of the inner/outer diameter
  • Measurement of the radial cross section
  • Measurements of general lengths, angles, radii
  • Flash defects inspection
  • Nicks defects inspection
  • Roundness inspection
  • Center distance



The software for analysis and control of components with complex shape allows the recognition of planar rotation of piece. It also recognizes the top and bottom sides and independently process the image of the piece regardless of load position.

Control program

  • Irregular profiles identification and related control with reference to the sample profile
  • Control of the maximum and minimum height of holes and flash on linear and curvilinear profiles
  • Definition of multiple calibers and control of their dimensions
  • Control of the median and punctual variation of cord sections
  • Simultaneous analysis of surface defectiveness in many inspection areas

Material rubber
Color any color (1)
Min. Outside Diameter 3 mm
Max. Outside Diameter 20 mm
Min. Thickness 1 mm
Max. Thickness 5 mm
Productivity Up to 6 pcs/s depending on the different operating modes
Loading system Bowl feeder


Measuring range 9 mm
Dimensional resolution 0.001 mm
Accuracy of measurement (2) ±0.015 mm
Repeatability of measurement (±2 sigma) (2) ±0.025 mm


Camera B/W
Field of view Ø27.5 mm
Generic pieces max. height 0.75 mm
O-Ring max. height 1.5 mm
Dimensional resolution 0.001 mm
Optical resolution 0.013 mm
MPE Inside Diameter (3) 0.010 mm (4)
MPE Outside Diameter (3) 0.009 mm (4)


Camera B/W
Field of view 32x25 mm
Max. extermal diameter (5) 20 mm
Min. external diameter 3 mm
Min. thickness 1 mm
Max. thickness 5 mm
Dimensional resolution 0.001 mm
Min. optical resolution 0.020 mm/px
Minimum detectable defect size (6) 0.060x0.060 mm
Max. production in 1 shot mode 6 pcs/s
Max. production in 3 shots mode 3 pcs/s
Max. production in 10 shots mode 1 pcs/s


Antistatic bars
ABC (Automatic Blowing Checker)



Camera Full Color
Width of field of view 25 mm
Optical resolution 0.020 mm/px
Minimum detectable defect size (6) 0.060x0.060 mm


5L hopper
15L hopper
Bulk feeder 100L
DTC (Dirty Table Checker)
ABS (Automatic Blowing System)
Laminar flow cabinet
Manual cleaning machine control
Rotating warehouse
Packaging machine
Z conveyor belt


(1) Transparent to be tested
(2) Verified at temperature of 20°C ± 1°C
(3) MPE = maximum permissible measurement error according to ISO/IEC Guide 99 - International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) - Basic and general concepts ad associated terms, 4.26
(4) Verified on full field of view on average diameters and average cross section of oring at 20°C ± 1°C
(5) With 50% crushing
(6) On full field of view, minimal variation of 20 points of tone difference in adjacency