visual inspection system for spherical articles






RollinX is a visual inspection machine for the dimensional and surface control of spherical parts made of rubber, plastic and other materials up to Ø 60 mm. RollinX can inspect the entire surface of a part to identify critical defects such as cuts, flashes, voids, marks, stains, double-mouldings, out-of-roundness, out-of-concentricity, etc.  The acquired images are transferred to a PC without any data loss.



The machine is controlled by a Real-Time operating system which handles both image processing and the interaction with the operator through a user-friendly interface. The system's stability is guaranteed even at extremely high inspection speeds.

The feeding device delivers the pieces to check from a vibrating bowl feeder to a glass pipe. 3 high speed cameras acquire 10 pictures of every part and an images elaboration system separates good from bad pieces in different boxes. You can view in real time all the statistics such as production time, the number and types of defects, the filling status of collection boxes and so on; it is also possible to save the production reports with graphs and statistical data and to integrate them into the management system. The statistical software performs data processing and calculates the process capability index (Cpk) to provide feedback on production parameters.
Machine downtime for changing the product to inspect is kept to a minimum thanks to the ease and quickness of emptying the machine and all configuration parameters already saved in PC.



  • Digital regulation of luminous intensity for the entire surface
  • Possibility to inspect pieces with reflective surface
  • High accuracy and precision of dimensional and surface inspection
  • No decrease in luminous intensity

Type of pieces spherical articles
Material rubber, plastic, other materials
Machine Model (field of view) A B C
Min. diam. 2 mm 10 mm 25 mm
Max. diam. 10 mm 25 mm 60 mm
Control speed max 10,000 pcs/hour
depending on size and material
Dimension up to 10 mm up to 25 mm up to 60 mm
Resolution 0.025 mm 0.062 mm 0.150 mm
Min. defect size* 0.050x0.050 mm 0.125x0.125 mm 0.300x0.300 mm

* detectable defect with a tone difference at least 30 points in adjacency