machine for dimensional control of circular and generic pieces




KaliX is a visual inspection machine for automatic measurement of component of every shape through machine vision, so that required information are obtained directly from acquired images.
Kalix is designed to measure rubber gaskets, plastic items, metal parts and other components within the limits of the field of view. Its usage is recommended throughout the production process, the acceptance of every working phase and for the final certification in laboratory for samples and production series.

KaliX is equipped with a 5 Mpixel progressive scan camera, with a field of view till Ø 160 mm. It has got bi-telecentric lenses very low distortion and a collimated light that remove the effects on borders of the backlight. 

The support is an aluminium undercarriage with four wheels, while the measuring parts are placed on a glass sliding surface.

Typical installations are delivered with:

  • PC with Windows operating system
  • 17” LCD touch screen
  • Printer
  • UPS group

The software allows to set and store the parameters for every single article so they can be used for the subsequent batches.

Version Dual Mag
Machine for dimensional control of circular pieces with double field of view, Ø 160 mm for top view and 27 mm at higher optical resolution for cut section of pieces or for small pieces.


Feature for the inspection of parts with circular profile with the following characteristics:

  • Measurement of median, maximum and minimum inside and outside diameters
  • Measurement of the average, max and min radial section
  • Measurement of roundness
  • Measurement of cross section oscillation
  • Management of single or series measurement



Features for the inspection of parts with complex shape pieces with the following characteristics:

  • Measurement of distances
  • Radii measurement
  • Angles measurement
  • Holes measurement
  • Management of single or series measurement



The machine is equipped with a software for generic seals (any shape) dimensional control, with the following characteristics:

  • Articles management with code and description
  • Single or multipart measurement management
  • Measurement of the average inner/outer diameter with tolerances
  • Measurement of the average radial cross section with tolerances
  • Roundness inspection
  • Waviness inspection
  • Measurement of distances
  • Radii measurement
  • Angles measurement
  • Statistical histogram chart of the series (“X-bar” diagram)
  • Statistical report with processing of CP and CPK factors
  • Print and save management

The output values are all given according to the measurements units of the International System of Units.


Double Laser for Axial Cross Section Control (thickness control), with the following characteristics:

  • Articles management with code and description
  • Axial cross section measure along one section for O-Ring
  • Dimensional and thickness measurement for cut section of complex shape pieces
  • Statistical report with elaboration of the factors CP and CPK
  • Print and save management
Camera B/W B/W B/W B/W B/W
Field of view 51x40 mm Ø72 mm Ø160 mm Ø160 mm Ø27 mm
Max. sample outside diameter 38 mm 70 mm 155 mm 155 mm 25 mm
Min. sample outside diameter  0.8 mm 1.2 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm 0.8 mm
Min. sample inside diameter  0.4 mm 0.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 0.4 mm
Min. cross section 0.2 mm 0.3 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.2 mm
Max. sample thickness 2 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 1 mm
Dimensional resolution  0.001 mm 0.001 mm 0.001 mm 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Optical resolution 0.022 mm/px 0.060 mm/px 0.078 mm/px 0.078 mm/px 0.013 mm/px
MPE* inside diameter** 0.009 mm 0.010 mm (***) 0.012 mm 0.012 mm 0.009 mm
MPE* outside diameter** 0.008 mm 0.010 mm (***) 0.011 mm 0.011 mm 0.008 mm




Measuring range 10 mm 20 mm
Maximum height 9.5 mm 19 mm
Dimensional resolution 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Accuracy of measurement** ±0.005 mm ±0.005 mm
Repeatability (±2σ)** ±0.005 mm ±0.005 mm
Min. internal diameter 5 mm 9 mm
Max. sample surface slope ±60° ±60°



(*) MPE = maximum permissible measurement error according to ISO/IEC Guide 99 - International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) - Basic and general concepts ad associated terms, 4.26

(**) Temperature 20°C ±1°C for oring average diameters and cross section measurement checked on the entire field of view.

(***) Verified on full field of view on average diameters and average cross section of oring at 20°C ± 1°C. (d1 = internal diameter of the measurand, d2 = external diameter
of the measurand)