Machine vision systems have now been an essential part of the industrial context. The aim is to improve production processes by reducing error margins to a minimum. Since 2008 UTPVision has been able to answer this increasing demand, creating its own range of visual inspection machines.

A patented colour inspection system is installed in every UTPVision products, consisting of a bi-chromatic illuminator capable of making the control extremely precise, with significant reduction of the so-called “false positive” (overkill, i.e. the percentage of good pieces wrongly discarded).

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MiniMatliX, MatliX, PhoeniX and ScrappiX are automatic visual inspection machines for high precision control of very small, small and medium pieces and gaskets in rubber, plastic, PTFE and other materials within the limits of each field of view. BigX is specialised in medium size O-Rings and SqueezeX is able to control also closed cuts, while KaliX series includes machines for the automatic no-contact measurement of any shape articles.

UTPVision has always been strongly oriented to continuously improve the available solutions in order to offer increased performances and reliable systems both in terms of hardware and software, to defects detection of shapes and surfaces which are gradually more and more complex. The integration of the Artificial Intelligence algorithms into UTPVision products is a confirmation of this trend.

The distinctive element of UTPVision offer is to control the entire machine vision production chain, with an internal know-how relating to all five structural components of a visual inspection machine: software, mechanics, electronics, illuminators and cameras. UTPVision artificial vision systems can also be integrated in the production process in collaboration with customers’ R&D department.

UTPVision systems, equipment and components are tailored made and cover every customer's need in any application contest. That's why the special division range was designed, with an entire series of machines dedicated to the pharma packaging (Pharma). Also, LoringX is developed for big size O-Rings while RollinX for balls and spheres and ProfiliX is an automatic in-line inspection machine of surface defects on rubber and plastic profiles.