UTPVision visual inspection systems for INPROVES

We are market leaders in visual inspection machines production for dimensional control and surface defects and the peculiarity of UTPVision has always been being strongly oriented towards improving available solutions. One of our goals is to be able to offer increasingly performing and reliable systems, both in terms of hardware and software. In this way, our products are able to detect increasingly complex defects in shape and surface and in every application.

This is the reason why UTPVision participated with enthusiasm in the INPROVES Project for the development of brushless electric motors with permanent magnets (PMM). UTPVision's contribution to the INPROVES project focused on the development of two stations for surface and dimensional control of the poles and of the welded stator for the B-PMM (Wet & Dry) motors. For the control of the pole, a station has been developed to check the dimensions of the winding on the pole, the external dimensions of the pole, the dimensions and the presence of stripping on the winding. In addition, an independent inspection machine has been developed for checking the welded stator which allows to detect the dimensions of the welded pole.

For several years, computer vision systems have become an integral part of the industrial context. The aim is to improve production processes by reducing errors to a minimum. By joining INPROVES, UTPVision is faithful to the founding principles of the company: we want to continue to look at the market with interest and readiness by evaluating the creation of new solutions and new artificial vision systems for different articles and materials: by applying our own vision system to electric motors industry UTPVision has thus completed and consolidated the experiences already acquired in the automotive sector, aware that the needs of the market will be the new challenges of the future.

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