UTPVision LAT 313 Accredia

First accredited calibration centre: optical system for diametral measurement

The UTPVision LAT 313 is a calibration centre accredited by ACCREDIA and it's able to issue calibration certificates with the guarantee of metrological traceability to the International System of Units.


LAT N° 313

This is a further advancement in demonstrating the reliability of services and products offered by UTPVision: in fact, thanks to the accreditation, UTPVision issues calibration certificates internationally recognised under the international mutual recognition agreements (EA, ILAC). 



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Being an accredited calibration centre guarantees the competence, independence and impartiality of UTPVision LAT 313. In this way, UTPVision helps to stimulate the circulation on the market of reliable and high-quality inspection tools. 

UTPVision operates in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, a crucial factor in sectors with strict certification requirements, such as the automotive industry (IATF 16949). 

The conformity of products and services is guaranteed in full compliance with the technical regulations in force. UTPVision considers the application of a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard as a tool for a constant growth.

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"Every day, we strive to provide the best vision inspection solutions in terms of technological innovation, quality standards and customer experience."


"We aim to become a strategic partner for our customers by designing, manufacturing and implementing increasingly more advanced automated visual inspection solutions. To accomplish that, we are leveraging our long experience and deep know-how in machine vision, powered by a continuous drive for innovation."