UTP designs the first artificial vision system

The advent of Web 2.0: Internet users become the new protagonists in terms of content creation

Nokia, Philips and Sony set up the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum, the technology that permits wireless connectivity

Facebook is launched!


UTP invents MatliX >

Google buys Android and develops its own Linux-based operating system

Google China is launched


UTP invents KaliX >

UTP patents the "Transport Group" and "the machine for optical inspection"

PAL 768X576

HD READY 1280X720

FULL HD 1920X1280

The first digital photo-video camera with Quad Full High Definition format achieves double the definition of the HD standard


UTPVision is launched

UTPVision invents ScrappiX >

Ubuntu / Linux is announced the operating system of the year

Apple Introduces MacBook Air: the thinnest notebook in the world


UTPVision opens the new Italian headquarters in Albano S. Alessandro, Bergamo >

UTPVision inventa PhoeniX >

IT investments worldwide grow by more than 5%, with a value of over 3400 billion dollars

The touch era begins with the advent of advanced tablets that are always connected


UTPVision introduces color cameras in all its systems

AMD introduces the first 16-core processing unit, with 84% better performance than previous systems


UTPVision opens the new
showroom di Cleveland, Ohio >

UTPVision opens the new
showroom di Shanghai >

The windows server operating system 2012 is released

Barack Obama is re-elected President of the United States. The U.S. reiterates its commitment to democracy, entrepreneurship and innovation

China is the second economic power in the world, surpassing Japan and Germany. Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks among the top 200 best universities in the world


UTPVision invents RollinX >

UTPVision introduces the new:

Despite the crisis, some are still moving forward!
The astronaut Luca Parmitano is the first Italian to travel in the space bound to the International Station

Vision changes dimension!
Google Glass is launched - giving an increased reality experience. It is interactive and able to interact with other devices


UTPVision invents SqueezeX >

Opening plant n°2 in Costa di Mezzate, Bergamo, Italy


UTPVision invents KaliX 500 >

UTPVision invents BigX >