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You teach, system learns!

What makes UTPVision’s visual inspection machines unique is the Artificial Intelligence software (AIs) they are equipped with, which allows UTPVision systems to have a technology that twists the traditional methods of image inspection control, usually based on the insertion of thresholds manually by the operator. 

With AIs the operator just needs to collect a series of significant samples of the defect/characteristic to be detected, and through the so-called SVL (SuperVised Learning) procedure, he can train the machine to discriminate or classify according to his needs. 

Thanks to the collaboration with Squeeze Brains, partner of UTPVision, the new approach through Artificial Intelligence is free from the environment and / or process variables that required subsequent adjustments of the machine in terms of thresholds and set controls.


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Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the machine is now able to identify "objects" (with defined shape characteristics) and / or "surface defects" (with undefined shape characteristics) by example images.